"Art is what you make it"

I've had a strong interest in 3D ever since i got my first taste of CAD back in 1996 doing a work placement at a local architects (funniely enough i spent much of that time working on designing a motorcycle), and it was this opportunity that paved the way to what would follow.  While i have a strong tradtional art background in sketching, paint etc, it was the possibilties that CG allowed that truely captured my imagination.
I went on to study archictecture and focused heavily on CAD and the virtual world much to the dismay of my tutors that were more concerned about abstract "feeling" sketches. It was during this time that i started looking at modding video games as an alternative to static renders of buildings, and using the Half-Life engine i was able to create a real time virtual walkthrough of my a couple of projects.

Modding then became a hobby (read obsession) afterall,  it was cheaper than beer, and as poor student i needed something less herbal to pass my free time with so i focused on developing a strong 3D skillset through the creation of mods for games like Max Payne (e.g The Family, and The Real World), Need 4 Speed... and later the community based free driving simulator Racer (which i still dabble with to this day). I was further spurred on by managing a front page plug on CGtalk for a simple 10k game model back in 2003 (a suprise considering the standard of high end work that is regularily submitted there), as well as having work in published in Ballistic Publishings Elemental.

In a professional sense i have worked on various triple A titles, creating  hundreds of vehicles models (both real world and those i have designed) as well as their textures, and other CG work  that would later see the light across millions of consoles throughout the world.

I think it goes without saying that i'm passionate about cars, and i've been fortunate enough to live out my Gran Turismo fantasies in real life through several years of ownership, of a R32 Skyline GT-R. Though if i'm honest i wish i had the amount of "credits" i had ammassed on my Playstation 1 because it's a bit more of a challenge to get that "Stage 4" turbo kit than clicking the x button a few times. (still working on it...it's a long road though, i dont think i've even made "Stage 1")

Incidently about the photo,
I have a more tasteful Arai Jet-F helmet now, (one of the ltd. edition Nissan GT-R branded ones, sad i know!)

If you would like to contact me
(for anything that doesn't envole enlarging my manhood, black market medication, loans or importing a bride)

bososoku (at) hotmail.co.jp
(just remove the bit in the brackets)

Just a little bit of fun to end this boring bit of the website on.

My Desert Island Cars
(This of  course happens to be the most awesome desert island with a airfield/track etc on and a copious supply of high octance fuel
........ yet suprsingly no means of playing records.)

1. 1991 Nissan Skyline GT-R (E-BNR32), i'd be hard pressed to be seperated from it, so it'll come along for the ride
2. 1971 Nissan Skyline HT2000 GT-R (KPGC10)
3. 1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 (in orange of course)
4. 1985 RUF BTR (930 911 Turbo)