Custom G&G Femme Fatale FF16 CQBR
This page is dedicated to a side project, that was brought on after my OH decied to she'd buy the G&G Femme Fatale FF16 as a bit of fun (afterall ladies like pink!).

It was a comprise of sorts as she prefered the look of the shorter FF15 but wasnt a big fan of the polymer rail handguard and opted for the standard M4-A1 look after i convinced her in the store that i'd modify it too her liking.

Externals were the primary concern, but after a few "comedy" comments, it became as pet project of mine as I thought i'd tweak the internals a bit, so that the user of the "Pink Avenger" would be the one getting the last laugh, afterall who wants to be shot by a pink gun.

The end result after a fair bit of tweaking the rifle shoots a game legal 350-360fps, accurately and at a ROF of 24rps! granted a LiPo could ramp that ROF a fair bit. Not a cheap project mind, but when is airsoft ever cheap?

Eventually it will reciever the Magpul treatment, once the pink stock and foregrip are in stock just to give it that extra bit of uniqueness.

Femme Fatale CQBR Customization

Admittedly in the grand scheme of of builds, there's nothing really special going on since all the parts are off the shelf items (or spares from other guns in the femme fatale series), with the odd bit of paint matching going on to finish the look.

I've focused on the externals, since the spec list at the end will give an idea what has been done there.

-Replacement parts from the FF15 were. rather than cutting down the 14.5" outer barrel, and carry handle (just in case).
The outer barrel is non standard and is made up of multiple parts with a fixed front A2 sight, which made it a bit of the pain since she wanted to keep the original pink anodizing.
The spares were ordered direct from G&G in Taiwan, were they provided first class customer service and had the parts dispatched in lightening speed.
-After fitting the parts from G&G, looks a lot better with the 10.5" barrel, but still the aimpioint looked a tad out of place being black.. nothing that can't be fixed though

-After some color matching the G&P Aimpoint clone got sprayed metallic red/pink to match the andoized parts of the rifle, and the mount sprayed hot pink for that two toned effect
-Test fit after paint, not a bad effort, the metallic pink is very close, the hot pink is a touch red though, but not a bad effort.

Now all that is left to do is spray the FAB Defense rail adapter hop pink to match the handguards so the KAC style foregrip can be attached.

As a side story to all of this........
While i was overhauling the Systema gearbox that would end up living in side this gun, i toyed with the idea of fitting a GHK/G&G GBB gearbox.

15mins later, i had assembled the worlds first Gas Blowback Femme Fatale, only downside is the mags are grey, as is the trigger. If i had a spare few mags i'd have been tempted to paint them up.
Since the G&P aimping was being painted at this moment and time, and i dislike the A2 style rear sight, i fitted my RS Aimpoint Comp M2 4 Moa, and a RS GG&G Flip-Up A2 sight. Neither of which i am tempted to paint pink! Even with the mis-matched black/grey parts the result wasnt too bad looking.

If G&G released a limited version of the Femme Fatale as a Gas Blow Back, i think i'd have to get a pink gun for myself. Its an awesome beast if only for trolling!

Pink Avenger's Specs

Base Gun
-G&G FF16 (Femme Fatale)


-Systema Complete AR Gearbox,
    -G&G Trigger/Switch/selector
    -Ultimate Aluminium Nozzle
    -Ultimate Aluminium Cylinder Head
    -Prometheus MS110 Spring
    -Gaurder Shims
    -Systema Gears & all other parts.
-Lonex Titan A2 Motor
-Pro-Win CNC Hop-UP Chamber
-Prometheus Inner Barrel (HK416D length)
-Madbull Shark Hop-Up bucking
-General air-seal tweaks.
-Generic 9.6v battery

-G&G Shortened 10.5" Outer Barrel
-G&G Cutdown Carry Handle sight rear sight
-G&G Pink KAC type foregrip
-FAB Defense Handguard Rail Attachement (Real Steel)
-Color Matched G&P Aimpoint M2 Clone
Future Plans
-Pink Magpul CTR Stock
-Pink Magpul MOE forgrip, or a pink RIS (undecided)
-G&G Femme Fatale Silencer