12.09.11Site Content Updated....
It's been a long time coming, while the site was pretty much done in a layout and design sense  i hadnt actually gotten round to populating any of the pages with usefull information. There's still more to come over the next few days, but for now you can enjoy the site how it should have looked 3 years ago!
  16.08.11 3 Years of Silence... BNR32
    My Sincere apologies, with work, trying to be a responsible adult, and not really having a PC stable enough to get any work done, the last few years seem to have flown buy with absolutely no updates to my site, i still never got round to transfering the content from my old website to here, and the news page has been pretty dead... although i have been posting in the main forum bit now and again with updates on bits and pieces of work i have been doing.
    check out the forum thread for pics of the progress on the stock & GR.A race cars
19.07.11 Cholmondely Pageant of Power
    Pics on the GTROC forum taken this year at the Pageant of Power, the R32 GT-R held its ground on the GTROC stand even though it was stalked either side by two new R35s. Amazing weekend of petrol fumes and heavy rain!
29.05.11 Studio Shoot Sunday
    Pics of the R32 GT-R in its 2011 guise first time taking piccs of the car in a studio enivronment, so a hefty learning process. Even though there is more control over lighting and reflections within the studio, trying to actually keep track of everything is a bit more of task than shooting in an open environement... to be perfectly honest, its a heapload easier just moving a bunch of lights around in 3ds Max
07.04.08 GT-R Resurrected
    Having found a wee bit of extra time, i've put it to good use on resurecting the GT-R proto project i started the day of the unveiling.... unfortunately due to other commitments it got shelved for almost 2 and half years, and was in a sorry state when i last left it...
    So, with a good 30hrs of modelling and texture work mabye more put into it over several weeks, i've finally updated the car, and transformed it much like Nissan did into what is now known as the CBA-R35. So with any luck this summer people should be able to download what will probably be the quickest (unmodified) car for racer, and being me complete with a choice of options.. Stock, Amuse Phantom R35 and the Mine's R35
    and yes.. that picture to the right is correct.. each car has a color coded/performance part matched underside too, no idea why but i got carried away.
    check out the forum thread for more details
  13.03.08 v.08 Website Overhaul
    Been snowed under with work.. so once again it seems like a yearly update. On the plus side, at least the site has a new look and is marginally easier to navigate, and features less broken links.... at least i hope so. So feel free to browse around, and have a look at what the new decidedly less red sight has to offer
    In Racer news... most of this years developments have been ninja posted on various forums.. since i havent had much time, and wanted to avoid lenthy threads on when stuff will, or won't get released. The Silvia has had a major overhaul, to get it up to a decent standard, as well as a bit of modifations to build on based on the TRA Kyoto car. Other notible racer news would be this summers AE86 update featuring a range of fixes, as well as the 2&3Dr levins complete with various GR.N liveries... and once that's done, i can move on to my GR.N R32s :D
  28.04.07 Long Time, Little News

It's been a fair bit over a year since I last update this page, not out of negligence, but purely because of a lack of free time to be able to work on my personal projects. By now I'd have re-vamped the site with a 2007 colour scheme, but it works, so there's no real need to fix it. On the other hand I should one day update the site to be a bit more with the times and get some php pages on the go, not everyone likes my frames.

On the racer front, things have been mostly quiet, due to the lack of time. The 348GTC is still in beta stage after over a year with minor tweaks and LODs left to be made, overall however the car is shaping up nicely, proving  pc can provide next-en graphics..... with a fraction of the PGR3 polycount. Of course super smooth high-poly meshes can be gorgeous to look at, but the real skill remains in the using a limited polycount but maintaining that high end look. I'm hoping when this car is finished I can achieve that goal..... Then it'll be back to working on the R32
    In other news however, I finally got round to creating a semi decent splash page for the site.....
  01.03.06 348GT Competizione
    There was bound to be a time where I felt it was about a right to take a break from the GT Apex's and GT-R's of the world, and make a change with something a little different, so I started work on one of the few ferrari's I actually like, sacrilegious as it sounds, and as bad taste as i have to be a 348 lover, I decided to make the ultimate Ferrari 348, the 348 GT Competizione built by Michelotto. Built for one reason, to prove you don't need a Next Gen console, to have next gen graphics... more info : Forum Thread
  31.12.05 Adieu 2005
    And, its that time of year again, that we look back over 365 days of fond memories, and add the finishing touches to another chapter. And what better way to finish, than with the legendary KPGC10.
  13.12.05 Merry Xmas
  06.11.05 Freshman Series Advan Kurata Trueno Released
    During the mid 80's when Keiichi was still just a fledgling race driver this was the car used to secure a large number of wins, further propelling him to the super stardom that he has today......
  10.09.05 Cel Shaded Racer (not bad for a game)
    While its not exactly a new idea or technique, i spent some time, working on a cel shaded version of the Trueno, et voila, the cell shaed version of the car, there's still things left to complete on this version, but combined with a suitably cell shaded track, Racer goes for a walk on the anime side.
    There still a couple of things to iron out, with highlight and lowlight shaders, so some eye candy below till release time is near. check out the forum for more screenshots
  03.08.05 Advan Kurata
    A picture speaks a thousand words
  01.06.05 Halftime roundup...
    It's that time of year again...summer is getting into gear, days are longer, and for some reason time just flies by. Nonetheless in preparation for the summer there's a few treats in store, firstly a large number of releases are coming your way, scarily most of them seem to be Nissans, I won't give away to much yet though, since there's still time until that day comes.... and at least one or two cars will be a surprise.
    One of the extra releases that I'm going to add is an updated Beetle RSI, its been over a year since this car was released, and it shows it's age, bad textures, worse shaders and it was scaled to the size of an RC car. So after a little bit of work, the car is now almost ready to hold its head up high and roll with the best. The only drawback is this car will still have a GT3 style interior.... personally I'd love to go all out on every car, but you know how it is... long shopping list + little free time = some cut corners.
    Of course where would racer be without a bit of VIP flavour.... so I've added a 80 Mark II to the collection, with a custom VIP kit (based loosely on the "Diana" kit by Insurance) and 19" Insurance Godfather rims. The model is still W.I.P. so there's a fair few bits of mesh work to be done, as well as fixing up the textures, to get it truly worth pimpin in. I've also made the stock bumpers and side skirts for the car, but since a late 80's sedan is going to have limited appeal to people, only the VIP version will be released.
  27.03.05 Happy Easter
    It's been a little while without an update, but with my recent workload i've had little time to input into my fun projects.... anyways, after a 3month hiatus with little to show, I'm pleased to unveil a nice collection of stuff that has been going on in the background. My Apologies for the disappearance of the Racer downloads on racer.gtapex.com but the number of simultaneous downloads were crashing the server on which this site is hosted, so they had to be removed, sorry
    Now for the good news ;) It's probably not hard to tell but pictured below is the test version of one of my current projects, having worked in pretty much secrecy for the past few months I'm proud to unveil, a tasty Nissan Silvia (PS13) in the factory stock two tone lime green.... which always goes down well. Still a lot of mesh work left of this model, so it will be a while till its at the release stage, but the main body & body texturing are close to complete, and probably amongst the better bits of texturing I've done for a long while.
    Of course no PS13 release would be complete with a number of options, so pictured below is the Silvia in Purplish Silver Two Tone, complete with projector headlights. The eventual release will feature a full colour pack of the factory stock colours as well as models with all 3 sets of headlights, and the different spoilers.
    Having last been seen over a year ago, the 1981 Nissan Skyline RS-Turbo (KDR30) looked like it wouldn't see the light of Racer, it had never intended the project to die for the car,  just all the necessary reference pics, and of course the key to any modelling, free time were lacking greatly. But a year is a long time, so with bits of work put in every few weeks, I can report the R30 is close to done, maybe lacking a detailed interior... but that will come later. Check out those factory stock "steelies"
    Another one of those forgotten projects is the KPGC10, the last time this car was seen was briefly in a few screenshots over at RSC, but shortly after it was shelved in place of extensive work on the AE86... however the past year has seen a lot of development on this car from the previous state it was in... and now with some new texturing and model work it is finally in game and looking rather nice, still there is extensive work to be done to get it complete.
    There's finally a alpha version of the Corolla Levin (unreleased) in Racer, there's still plenty of texturing to be done, and major changes left to do on the body but overall its getting there nicely, although a little below par in places, but it shouldn't be too long before the Trueno's evil twin hits the virtual streets of Racer. Pictured below is one of the test versions I put together recently, sporting a wide arch kit, AE92 skirts, and a new front lip, but of course it will come in stock flavours too. A lot of the texturing is very basic, so its more for illustrative purposes than anything else. Of all the cars here today this is the least complete.
    Lastly, I finally put together a finished Kouki Trueno, in none other than Black Limited colours for the Release of Racer Beta 8.6 (thought it'd be a nice number to put a release together for) so that should be out shortly as a separate 4meg release from the standard trueno. The major change is the skin, but this also includes the correct tail-lights which were missing from the previous release... either way, who wouldn't want the last model of the trueno in their collection.
  06.01.05 Racer.GTapex.com
    These days with RaceSimCentral being down its a little hard to get hold of the latest updates for the beta versions for racer, so I decided to add a sub-site to host most of the updates as well as an Unofficial full version of Racer updated to Beta 0.52.79 which takes out the confusing process for some of updating their versions of Racer. At the moment I have enough bandwidth to handle hosting these files, but if you are happy with being able to find those essential downloads that you need please feel free to leave a donation towards the sites funding.
    The Unofficial version of Racer Beta 0.52.79 contains all the current updates that were available on RSC. The download also includes a special edition of the 1987 Sprinter Trueno as well as Carlswood NT.
    Book mark this page -> http://racer.gtapex.com alternatively you can access it by clicking on the little banner at the bottom right hand side of the page
  01.01.05 Happy New Year! New year, new design...

Firstly my apologies for the down time over the Christmas period this was the result of two things, firstly a hacker had gotten into the server via another site hosted on the same server as GTapex, which resulted in the machine been re-booted every ten mins or so, and as a result inaccessibility to the site, probably not the best of time all things considered, Also Aquanix our kind host for the past 6 months shut down due to the lack of customers, so the site has had a fairly rocky period of being online and semi functional due to the site being moved to a new server... on the plus side, the new hosting sees the site getting a little more bandwidth, and a little more space to play with... at an extra cost, but that means more downloads.

    My thanks go to Jason Merril aka Gutbomb of Max Payne Headquarters / Aquanix for hosting GTapex over the past year as well as other sub-sites that I have had (Ghettogunz, HB, and Kordyte), as well as helping move site, and fixing up the database and forums. Unfortunately with the closure of Aquanix we will also see the end to Max Payne Headquarters which led the way for the Max Payne Community. So a toast to a legendary site.
    So... for the year ahead, the site has been revamped.. out with the blue and in with the reds... I had considered an 80's theme for a while... but then again, get too retro and people might think your mad,  but there are hints.. more projects to come... and the best of luck in your endeavours, health. life and love to those that stop by.
  22.12.04 Sprinter Trueno Released - Lite Version Released
    After what can be called eons, and the release of the final version of the Trueno is here... its gone through more changes than I care to mention, and even then there's still room for improvement. The biggest change over the Beta release is the inclusion of a full detailed interior, also Cosmo° has done an incredible job on the ini of the car, and vast amounts of research has been done to get almost every variable of the car right.... so if doesn't live up to your Initial D fantasies, I shouldn't be surprised. It is still pretty easy to get sideways with this release, but this time around your running a stock setup, so a little more skill is needed.
    The Lite version is a cut down version of the final release that will come in the new year, this version will contain, a selection of body kits from J-blood, Jubiride, D.Speed, Chargespeed, Rookie and others, as well as 50+ rims, steering wheels, and other upgradeable parts. So if your looking to take it slideways round the togue, or thinking of taking on the big boys on the wangan, the full version should cater for every taste.
    The Lite release on the other hand, contains the Stock body models for both the Kouki and the Zenki versions of the trueno, as well as a bonus Fujiwara Zenki with front fog lights.
    I suggest you upgrade racer to the latest version of Beta7.9 so you can take advantage of features like working lights and shaders. If you need any help feel free to post your questions in the forum
    Download here: http://www.gtapex.com/forum/load.php?id=48
    Additional colours: http://www.gtapex.com/forum/downloads.php?cat=4
  22.11.04 Sakura Valley Beta Download (Racer Track)
    Sakura Valley is a combination of some of my Architectural work as well as providing a fun track for Racer , Initially it started out with using the Racer graphics engine to provide a real-time rendering solution for my projects as well as creating an environment to take hi-res screenshots of my cars, This project further developed into a track, after boredom set with very little to space to drive around, the track section is based on the mini circuit at Tsukuba, although i have re created the elevations to my own design, as well as the surrounding terrain. The overall feel is meant to have a closed circuit / togue feel, set in autumn with scattered leaves on the road surface.
    Please note this track is still a work in progress, the lighting, track-cams and a number of other features including model/layout and texture tweaking need to be done, but the BETA is more than driveable to get a taster for what is yet to come.
    Download link : http://www.gtapex.com/downloads/SakuraValley.zip
  22.10.04 Sprinter Trueno (AE86) Final.... Release Imminent 
    After what has seemed to be eons, through various incarnations of the Racer trueno, I can report that it is finally approaching completion, at least in the first gen (zenki) form, complete with a full interior, sports pack, and a whole heap of optional extra's. Many thanks go to FSR for his .ini work and to Cosmo° for his outstanding work on the shaders, and his in depth research and work on the various .ini files and torque curves for the car.
    The final zenki release will feature a stock 16v, as well as an optional 20v tuned model, and the usual rim, and body options. Compatibility will be to racer Beta 5.2+ only, and it will not be possible to run the car on earlier versions of racer (i.e. 0.5.0 final) due to both shader, gauge requirements and .ini restrictions. However this is can be remedied with a quick trip to www.racer.nl or http://www.racer-xtreme.com/
  22.06.04 Official Opening of SFR Parts
    Today I'm pleased to announced that SFR Parts is finally open, offering a wide range of dress up parts for your add-on cars, be it Need 4 Speed or Racer. Sign up now and make sure your the one at the local track travelling in style.
  01.06.04 New And Improved
    The start of June brings the site new hosting courtesy of Aquanix.com, as well as another special treat in the form of Keiichi Tsuchiya's Freshman cup car..... the notorious Advan Kurata Trueno. Soon to be released for Racer & NFS,
  26.05.04 S.F.R. Claim Gold!
    Today the SFR-E1 Trueno (created by myself) took first place at the Racer, StreetCar Show-Off, S.F.R.'s dominance in the show-off event was further extended by team member Cosmo°'s superb Nismo Silvia, second place win. Congratulations to all the other winners, in the various categories, there was some superb entries from everyone.
    Original Thread http://forum.rscnet.org/showthread.php?t=156155
  30.04.04 Forum Added
    Finally added the SFR forum, its been around for a while but not properly used, so now there's a link if you want to check up on all the latest news on Racer/NFS addons.
  15.04.04 Kordyte Offline
    As of 22.50 GMT the Kordyte site, along with all subsequent downloads, related support etc. was taken offline, It will be unlikely to make a return.
  25.02.04 AE86
    In honour of Ueo Katsuhiro's stunning D1 skills, I've been modelling the 2003 Trueno, complete with a J-Blood Body kit, Volks TE-37 etc.. The final version will come in to varieties, one for Racer.. and one for pure renders.. the racer version is close to complete, and should look stunning with the latest Beta's shader system.
    Special thanks got to FSR (www.fsr.no) and if your a fan of drfiting... then check out www.kamikazedrifters.com without his constant harassment, for me to complete the model, and his work on the decals the car would not be the car that it is.
    In case your wondering what Racer is, racer is a free car simulator developed by Ruud Van Gaal and is great fun to play. bare in mind it's free, and in its development stages, but other than that...it puts a lot of commercial games to shame. Also check out racesimcentral for the latest updates on the cars featured here.
  05.02.04 Site Redesign Completed
    Apologies on the length of time to get all the links fixed, but there galleries are completed and there now, sadly, once i get more web-space you will be able to view the full size images in some galleries rather than having to make do with smaller images.
  01.01.04 New Models...
    i've finally completed a whole list of new models, that i have updates to the car gallery, namely a Cagiva Mito Evolution, Lamborghini Countach LP400 and my current wip, a Landrover defender 90
    some new cars have been added to the racer and nfs section. so download and have fun
  13.12.03 Site Redesign
    After what has seemed eon's the site has been given a major facelift... alot has changed over the past few months, but it's for the better.
    The final quarter of 2003 has seen the release of Max Payne 2, so it's time to don my modding shoes again and start working on the Kordyte mod once again. I've focused most of my energy towards modding for Need 4 Speed recently, as well as racer... and i have to say its enjoyable to be working with a community with very high modelling standards, it gives me a lot to aim for in my future endeavours.

Sort of a late news flash but my Toyota MR-S with a Damd body kit was released on NFS cars late august and it can be downloaded here - Toyota MR-S (DAMD) (NFS4)

    unfortunately as seems to be the case within the GTA3/Vice City community this file was stolen and released by Vice City on www.gta.com.ua I have requested its removal, and it was removed as a main link to the site, but as it seems it's not been removed from their server so if you want to perpetrate the theft of models you can d/l it here...Toyota MR-S (Vice City) saves me hosting the file.The complete irony of it all is the guy who ripped the model DEMON aka mihalchenko@bk.ru goes on in description on how the model is exclusive and not to rip it. How's that for hypocrisy.
  05.07.03 Current Need 4 Speed & Racer Projects

Currently I'ent but a list of what I'm makingve been focusing a lot on creating cars for Need 4 Speed, there's quite a few projects on the go at the moment

    Alfa Romeo SZ - Aka Il Mostro (release in the next week or so)
    Zil 4104 - Russian Armoured Limo
    Ford GT-40
    Toyota Celica - 1995 model with Extreme Armour Kit
    1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL
    1989 Honda CRX
    Mitsuoka Orochi Concept Car
    Download Racer Now --> www.racer.nl free car simulation with a lot f community support and a whole lot of tracks and cars
    Other News:
    The Site is going to go through a bit of a design change, it's nice as it is, however people have complained its dodgy to navigate, so I'm going to come up with a new and improved version in the next few weeks.... STAY TUNED
  27.06.03 Need 4 Speed Cars Released!!!!

Well I've a long time I've released my first two cars for Need 4 Speed 4 (Road Challenge / High Stakes)

    Nissan Pulsar Gti-R - http://www.nfscars.net/car.php?ID=5065
    3D model view        - http://kordyte.maxpayneheadquarters.com/temp/Tmatrix/matrix.html
  10.04.03 L85-A1 (SA-80) low and high polygon render comparison

A collection of renders showing the limitations between game engines, and the difference in polygon counts in identical weapons models. Click Here For Renders From the 3 images you can see the limitations imposed by poly counts, and the quality of texture.

    - the first model is a realistic visualization using 40714 polygons, to create smooth transitions between various surfaces as well as using a large 24-bit colour texture.
    - The second image is an identical weapons designed for use within Remedy's "Max Payne" game this uses a 256x256 24-bit colour texture as well as a poly count of 1423
    - The final image is of the same gun, for use with B.I.S.'s "Operation Flashpoint" this uses a 256x256 8-bit colour texture and a lower polycount of 974. (modelled using 3D studio and BIS's Objektiv2Light - Oxygen Modeller)
  24.04.03 Launch of Kordyte.tk
    I have launched the new website dedicated to the Kordyte mod for Max Payne www.kordyte.tk The mod is a amalgamation of all the weapons and level models i have done so far. and will do in the near future.
  15.04.03 Weapons modelling for Max Payne Mod's

I will be lending a hand over at http://hostility.paynereactor.com/ for the weapons modelling of the "Hostility" mod for Max Payne.

    I will also be contributing weapons models for The Real World mod and "The Operative" Mod more informaton can be found at their sites
  04.04.03 Launch of New SL1200 Site
    As practice for web-design I have started building a new site dedicated to the Technics SL1200MK2, this will be launched this week at www.SL1200.tk and will contain various bits of information about technics pioneering turntables as well as servicing and maintainace information.
  15.03.03 Hardboiled Modification for Max Payne
    The new site address for the Harboiled Mod will be a www.hardboiled.tk although will have to be updated for the current status of the mod.
  06.03.03 HumansBeing Album Cover
    After a long time of throwning ideas around, the albulm covers for HumansBeing has being finished, check them out at www.humansbeing.tv. Have a look at the peliminary design here.
  04.03.03 .com problem
    Access by this site by www.pleyr.com is having its issues, so for a little while its best to use this link www.pleyr.tk things will be back to normal in a few days.
  20.01.03 Forum Addition
    Added a Forum to discuss art, life music, my work, you work, everything and anything, I'm not sure how necessary it is but Ii thought it would be a good place to interact.
  19.01.03 Addition of Game Mods / Downloads Section
    Added a section dedicated to the modding work work I have been doing, following the clean up on the forums at www.maxpayneheadquarters.com so I now host all the screen shots to related bits of modding I've done for the Max Payne game, including the still being developed Electro Boogie Mod.
  18.01.03 New Look Site
    After 3 months, I decided to scrap my flash based site and go back to good old HTML, okay people hate frames, I'm probably the only one that likes them but the advantage is you don't have to wait for the page to load if you decide to change your mind and link to another section of the site, the old version is still available at www.geocities.com/endo_vatc/ the good thing is you can see the improvemnt.
  10.01.03 Formation of All-City - Deviant Art Graffiti Community
    Having been a www.deviantart.com member for a few months now, I have decided to form a community for the graffiti artists that display their work there, and give them and their work more exposure, the response has been impressive and should hopefully give rise to an increase in interest in graffiti as an art form rather than a thorn is society's side
  02.11.02 Joined Deviant Art
    Joined www.deviantart.com to gain more exposure for my work. comments always appreciated ---> http://pleyr.deviantart.com/
  01.10.02 Op Flashpoint Mod in the pipeline
    After a period of deliberation I'm finally working on a number of add-ons for Op Flashpoint, these will include a Zil 4014 (Russian built limo, best described as a the bastard sibling of a Rolls-Royce and a Tank,) a Toyota Hi-Lux for all your Middle East Missions and will compliment the Lost Brothers  http://flashpoint.xaos.ru/nland/ IDF and PLO add-ons, as well as numerous weapons such as the AMP DSR-1 sniper rifle and Milkor 40mm Semi Automatic Grenade Launcher.
  01.09.02 Hard Boiled Mod Hosted
    The Hard Boiled mod is now  hosted at  www.maxpayneheadquarters.com
  01.07.02 New Look Website, and new address
    After along time of deliberation this site is now know as www.pleyr.com and has a whole load of new fancy stuff, a flash homepage and a brand new gallery system, albeit it is java based and its hosted by geocities, but i think the improvements are worth it
  10.02.01 New sections added to site
    The site now features sections for CGI work, i.e. conceptual montages & 3d work,  as well as the old traditional art work and graffiti
  15.06.99 Welcome to the Visual Arsonists site
    make sure you save this link www.visual-arsonists.co-ltd.com regular updating of the site will follow with new graffiti and news